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Boys Club Volleyball


Come be a part of the growing Boys Volleyball movement in Colorado!  Voltage Volleyball will be hosting the following events this summer:

  • June 13th (5:30-7:30 pm):  Open Gym ($10) - Turner Middle School (Berthoud)


  • June 20th (5:30-7:30 pm):  Open Gym ($10) - Turner Middle School (Berthoud)

  • July 9th (5:30-7:30 pm):  Open Gym ($10) - Turner Middle School (Berthoud) 


  • July 17th (5:00-8:00 pm):  Open Gym ($10) - Roosevelt High School (Johnstown) 

  • July 31st (4:00-8:00 pm):  Club Tryouts ($20) - Roosevelt High School (Johnstown) 


What is Club Volleyball?  Club Volleyball is offered through privatized clubs that offer competitive training, practices and tournament opportunities for athletes wanting to expand their volleyball knowledge and experience.  Teams will have memberships through USAV/RMR and AAU, and be eligible to participate in both local Powers hosted through RMR, as well as out of state tournaments hosted through AAU and other national organizations.​


Voltage is excited to offer two club experiences this year: one for athletes wanting a serious club commitment of 2-3 practices a week and 6 tournaments (including National Qualifier in Denver this year, with the possibility of out of state travel), and another option for athletes who play multiple sports or are seeking a shorter season with a commitment of 1 practice a week and 3 tournaments. Both programs consist of high level coaching and competition. 

Why Voltage?   Our club strives to find the best combination of competitive play, high level coaching with a priority on FUN.  We want families who support and encourage our atheltes and are committed to keeping the experience positive.  We have small teams to maximize playing time for all our athletes (teams of 9-10).  If you practice, you will play. 


When and Where are Practices?   Our intention is to multiple form teams throughout Northern Colorado in order to minimize commutes for families and coaches.  Currently, we are looking at practices for multiple teams in Berthoud and Fort Collins.  Practices will be weekly (frequency depending on the program).

When and Where are Tournaments?  RMR hosts local Powers throughout the state and most are held in the Denver area on Saturdays.  We are very excited that the USA Volleyball Mountain Classic Boys Junior National Qualifier will also be hosted in Denver this year.  Out of State travel varies depending on availability and interest on each team, and those options will be discussed at length after tryouts when teams are formed.  Some popular tournament locations are Salt Lake, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, Memphis, and Orlando, but there are many opportunities around the country that teams can choose from if they want to travel out of state (again, not mandatory).

How much does Club Volleyball cost?  Our intention is to keep club fees reasonable.  We are currently evaluating the club fees for the Fall, 2024/25 season.  We will publish these fees by mid July 2024. 

When does the season start/end?  The Boys Club Season typically runs from September to early February.  This compliments the boys High School season which starts in February and finishes in early May.  This can vary a little for teams that are traveling out of state and choose to extend their season.

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